Best Practices to Virtualize SQL Server

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There are more users considering to virtualize their SQL servers today, but performance requirement always become the major concern before they virtualize the SQL servers. I had read through lots of the forums, white papers and articles, which all discussed about SQL server in virtual environment, and I found some useful information here which I agree with the inputs from drummonds.

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Database Upgrade during vCenter 2.5 Update 4 Installation

Posted on March 2nd, 2009 in Tips, Virtualization | 1 Comment »

vCenter 2.5 Update 4 is available download and official released by VMware. You can read through the information from here

I had just done my vCenter upgrade today from 2.5 Update 3 to update 4. I notice some graphic interfaces changes compare to the previous version. Databases upgrade is required during the installation process. I will suggest to backup the databases related to virtual center before you perform any upgrade to your production environment. If anything goes wrong, you should able to restore your databases immediately. The Databases upgrade is supported with both Microsoft SQL and Oracle.

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vCenter on Linux & Cross Platform Client

Posted on February 28th, 2009 in Announcement, Virtualization | 3 Comments »

For those who missed VMworld 2008 in Las Vegas hope this piece of info will trigger some excitement. Under the “Explore Technology & Architecture” category Breakout Session #TA3201 : Linux Strategy & Roadmap outline some interesting stuff for those pure Open Source or Linux house. It will definitely a good news if you plan or already virtualize with VMware. As most of us know the “legacy” VirtualCenter or the new name to be release vCenter required to have a AD or MS server in house to manage VI3 & ESX.

Beside OS dependancy it also require a database which currently so sad only work with Oracle or MSSQL. During TA3201 session under Linux Initiatives mentioned vCenter will have a Linux appliance version as well as a Cross Platform Client. As follow are some highlight what’s is in the vCenter Linux appliance. The interesting part is there is no mention whether it will support OpenSource databases such as MySQL or PostgreSQL.
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Virtual Center Server corrupted after 2.5 U3 upgrade

Posted on October 24th, 2008 in Virtualization | 8 Comments »

Many of you may trying to upgrade the Virtual Center Server 2.5 U3 which recently release from VMware. As usual, I always like to be the earlier bird to test out everything and be excited to implement to my environment. Here is what I discover during the after the upgrade.

During the upgrade, there is the SQL script at the backend which trying to upgrade your DB table for your virtual center database and update manager. It does show some error during the upgrade and the screen will dissapear. Once it complete, you will find that your virtual center are still functioning as usual. 2 days later, you will start realize the Virtual center services is not able to be started anymore. Now is the big problem come. If you have backup your DB before the upgrade, you should be good. Or else, you will lose whatever data previously you have. Always backup the DB before any upgrade. A good example, missing template posted by superman previously.

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Missing VM Template

Posted on October 20th, 2008 in Tips | 1 Comment »

Few days ago, one of my virtual center machine was crashed and my Microsoft SQL database was corrupted without backup(damm!).

Basically setting up a brand new Windows 2003 machine is pretty simple but setup a new Virtual Machine took me 2 days. The most important is my VM template is go missing. The quick solution is search for VM template and register (add to inventory) again.

SSH into my ESX server using putty and search for VM template file with extension “.vmtx”.

[root@malaysiavmesx01 vmfs]# find /vmfs -name *.vmtx

How to register a VM template using CLI:
[root@malaysiavmesx01 vmfs]# /usr/bin/vmware-cmd -s register

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