New Generation of Cisco UCS Virtual Interface Card 1240

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Cisco UCS had updated the product line up with VIC 1240, VIC 1280 and LOM expander which allow a single half width blade to aggregates up to 80Gbps total bandwidth to deliver high performance and high throughput requirement for the server system.

The New VIC 1240 come with the following capabilities.


Advanced Support for Virtualized Environments

The Cisco UCS VIC 1240 implements the Cisco VM-FEX, which unifies virtual and physical networking into a single infrastructure. It provides virtual-machine visibility from the physical network and a consistent network operations model for physical and virtual servers.

The Cisco UCS VIC 1240 supports VMware’s VMDirectPath with vMotion technology, which allows it to:

  • “Pass through” the hypervisor layer
  • Provide near-bare-metal performance for unified computing systems
  • Integrated modular LOM for new generation Cisco UCS blade servers
  • Delivers up to 80 Gbps aggregate bandwidth to the servers, with the use of an I/O expander in the optional mezzanine slot
  • Near bare-metal I/O performance
  • Ease of management
  • Exceptional network visibility
  • support  Up to 256 dynamic virtual adapters and interfaces

Please read more from the official Cisco UCS site

You can also refer the detail architecture from here

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VMware DRS disable caused by single VM

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My Client had a weird issue recently on 1 of the production vSphere 4.1 host. Error message shown on summary tab as ” DRS is not able to function normally cause by insufficient resource”.This is not the exact message as I can’t remember the full error message, but it represent the similar meaning of the error. This message had been alerted for more than a week as we thought the mgmt-ware restart command should able to fix this.  The system is currently in production, therefore we are suggesting to vmotion out all the production VMs, and put the host to maintenance before we issue the command.

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Stateless Computing from Cisco VS VMware vMotion or Cold Migration

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VMware had done the best job since they introduced vmotion and cold migration which allow us to move the state of the virtual machine from 1 Host to another with or without down time. In virtualization, it encapsulated the entire Server into the virtual machine format and it is hardware independent. Therefore you can always move from 1 host to another without having re-install or reconfigure your operating system or application.

Well, since we had achieved this in virtual environment, what about physical environment?

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VMware Technology Day 2010 – Malaysia

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VMware Technology Day 2010 - Malaysia

VMware’s Technology Day is a deep-dive seminar designed toward individuals responsible for maximizing technology infrastructure efficiency and optimization within their organization. VMware Technology Day 2010 will focus on Desktop Virtualization, Infrastructure Management & Automation and Cloud Computing.

Explore and discover the latest virtualization and cloud computing technology and solutions in this complimentary one-day event that will showcase how VMware and our partner organizations are revolutionizing the next generation of computing.

Your Opportunity

Technology Day will provide you with the opportunity to find out how to

  • Transform Your Technology Infrastructure and Deliver IT as a Service
  • Automate, Simplify & Control Your Desktop Infrastructure Environment
  • Control & Manage Application Migration (focusing on Win 7) With Ease
  • Build and Manage Security Within A Virtual Environment
  • Guarantee SLA Performance Management & Delivery
  • Automate Capacity Measurement, Analysis and Management
  • Integrate Services For Seamless Project Plan, Design and Implementation

Who Should Attend

Technology Day 2010 has been designed for end-users, implementers, influencers and decision makers focused on Cloud, Desktop, Datacentre and Application infrastructure within their organization. Your attendance will ensure that you receive the latest and most relevant virtualization technology update to bring back to your office.

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Storage vMotion with Thin Provisioning

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Some interesting finding to share during the last migration I did. I was performed the cold migration for all the virtual machines on the production. Before we migrated over to the new SAN storage, all the current virtual machines are running with thin provisioning enable from vSphere 4. During the storage migration process, you will need to choose either same as source, thin provision or none thin provision. I had chosen same as source option and perform the storage vmotion. After the storage vmotion done, I realized that the virtual machine had no longer with thin provision enable.

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