We see the growth in the market to be more aggressive for consolidation in the data center for both physical and virtual server from time to time. There are plenty of solutions in place allow blade to support virtualization today such as virtual connect from HP, pass through module, infiniband integration Xsigo, Cisco UCS and etc. This had significant resolved the I/O interfaces require per blade to host the virtualization host server. CPU and memory per blade and significant increase with the latest release from all the major server vendors, the CPU, memory and disk I/O are no longer the concerns for virutalization.

But I do want to point out some of weakness on the solutions proposed by the deployment team or vendors that suggest to start with 1 blade chassis to reduce the CAPEX require. To achieve the fully redundancy on the virtualization, we may require NIC teaming, redundant FC connection, redundant ISCSI HBA and etc. Some of the guys may had forgotten about the chassis issues on the blade today. If I would like to run the virtualization hosts or clustering servers on blade, I will not choose to go with only single blade chassis in this case. I will not believe there is 100 % guarantee of no failure on the chassis of the blade. I will definitely suggest to split the blade across to 2 different chassis as minimum to minimize the risk. But of course, we may still have a single point of failure on the SAN which require huge amount of capex investment to keep the production storage to be redundant. Imagine if you run 5 ESX hosts on single blade chassis today, you will easily achieve 15:1 per blade for consolidation, and if you are UNLUCKY enough and your chassis just burn or malfunction for any failure, you will have 75 VMs go down at 1 time and your HA and DRS is not worked at all. You will definitely screw and whack by your business or boss in this case. If we do not have enough capex to start with 2 blade chassis for HA in the virtualization, I will suggest to stick with 1U or 2U rack mount servers to minimize the risk of the business. I am impressed with the blade technology today, but just to start with 1 single chassis for HA and redundancy purpose, will not be my call.