I just got my vmware vCenter mobile access installed today. The current release version from VMware is version 1.0. It allow mobile phone access to specific vCenter and ESX host for management purpose. Apple iPhone had been included into support list and I did success to manage my vCenter by using vpn on my iphone. I have download the OVF format source from vmware and imported to my Virtual Infrastructure with vCenter. This mobile access virtual appliance is running on Centos with minimum resources. The original image will be only 2GB hard drive, 512 MB of RAM and 1 vCPU. This is enough to support the requirement of mobile access interface. I had installed the virtual appliance on vSphere, the next generation of ESX server. It allow you to browse through any VM farm within the network, providing you have the privilege to do so.

I had tested with the vMotion from my iPhone and it work perfectly. Although the management interface is limited through mobile phone, but it should be enough for management purpose. Below are some screen shots I captured during my test.


Log in screen from iPhone


Main menu show up in vCenter mobile access


You will see this when you click on Host & Clusters


This screen prompt for confirmation about vMotion. Vmotion from mobile access is possible now.


Summary tab show the vm’s information


Schedule task summary in vCenter


Performance view related to vm’s memory


Performance view for vm’s CPU

What you guys think about this? I think is useful, helpful and really cool stuff. Now I can easily access to my Virtual Infrastructure through my Apple iPhone at anytime.