This week, I am away for Chinese New year break. Right before the break, I had heard some interesting feedback from my close buddy which talked about the topic here. Had been a while we didn’t hear any argument or comment that mentioned Cisco Nexus 1000V is useless or doesn’t meant anything. Previously, I had heard this from many competitors, partners & client previously, so it doesn’t surprise me when my buddy shared his story to me.

Well, there are many users, partner, or even principle who are reluctant to accept changes or new thing, which claimed nexus 1000V doesn’t bring any value while created problems to their day to day job. The main reason behind as they struggling to manage and configured nexus 1000v, mostly because they are just not the right person to manage it. Please do not feel offended with this statement, as I am telling the truth which myself are not the right person to configure SAP, Oracle, BI cognos too. We always need specified specialist and expertise from different area to compliment each others in IT environment.

That is why Cisco and VMware are alligned to create this virtual switch Nexus 1000V, which Xen open source are trying to follow the same now. For Enterprise IT, proper change management and ownership are important to be in placed, unless you think that ITIL practices doesn’t bring any value to the IT operation. Without Nexus 1000V, Network operation are out of picture for the virtualization operation practices and support as there had no visibility due to NIC teaming, load balancing configurations and non-transparency and integration with security devices allow by using the DEFAULT DVSwtich or Standard vSwtich from VMware. This happen to all the previous Generation Virtualization deployed before vSphere 4.

For the story I heard, he blame the Nexus 1000V doesn’t work just because he struggling to create port profile, VLAN assignment and etc on the Cisco Nexus 1000V. This could be easily done by a network admin in any organization and a great team work and participation could be created while introducing Virtualization or Cloud computing in Enterprise Environment.

I agreed as not everyone will able to handle server, storage, security, network and facility in a single person. I will always advise my friends and buddies to understand the different functional team’s technology and operation which allow us to better understand the integration requirements from different pieces in the infrastructure. I am not a network expert, but I did pickup nexus 1000V as we learn from previous experience, without nexus 1000V could be a nightmare for large virtualization environment. If you are deploying a small scale virtualization for SMB with less than 10 VMs, you may not require Nexus 1000V, but if large scale deployment, please consider this solution as part of your technical design consideration.

Virtualization & Cloud Computing require Network to deliver the services by resources sharing, if security and manageability are not address properly, the risk to business is very high. “The world is transforming, Changes are necessary”, we will be either ON the train or OFF the train in the fast pace moving IT world.