With the surprise of new license structure change from VMware, it had impacted large number of the existing customers which may end up required to double or triple their existing CPU license if they require to upgrade to vSphere 5. This was mainly cost by the cap happen per CPU sockets which is only 48GB each even for Enterprise plus. There are many users start to evaluate alternative solution such as HyperV, Citrix Xen and KVM now due to the large impact on software cost may be added to the existing environment.

Imagine you have a 2 way server with 192GB memory now, you will require to purchase 4 sockets license to entitle the VRAM for 192GB. Honestly speaking, the new license structure doesn’t sound to be green and really make the existing users getting harder to defend the decision to stick with VMware. VMware are not promoting high consolidation anymore while force you to buy more license or consider a smaller server to be deployed in your infrastructure.  No matter how they spin about the flexible licensing scheme, I think many smart users feel upset with the new model they released. Providing a choice, there will be many users choose to remain at version 4.1 without upgrade and start looking into option as HyperV, XEN or KVM. VMware are opening bigger door to their competitor to challenge their market share.