Today, I had fully tested the installation and functionalities for the latest Windows 7 on my VMware Server 2.0. The OS choice I choose from the VMware Server is Vista as for compatible to run the Windows 7. Impressively the performance is much more better than the Vista before. The installation had went through as usual as I do not run into drivers issues during and after the installation for Windows 7. Now I am enjoying the Windows 7 on VM with good performance compare to my Vista which always give me troublesome with unknown error.

The only difficulty I have now is Daemon Tools, which use for ISO purpose. Beside that, I am using it as my day to day operational purpose including Microsoft Office, firefox, IE 8, Live messenger and etc. Respond wise had been significant improve as compare to Vista previously.

I am not installed my Workstation to Windows 7 64 bits Ultimate version and use in full mode for my office work. I would like to say I am happy on it. If you want to have a try on this, you will always able to install the windows 7 on both VMware Workstation and VMware Server. Have fun.