Year 2009 is just around the corner, we would like to wish you and your family “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

Malaysia VMware Communities and User Group portal was started at mid of August 2008 and it’s really busy year for us. We have nearly hundred posts and more than 180 comments up to date on our blog, 42 members on Facebook Malaysia VMware Communities and User Group and it’s still growing.

This is the first time we posted year 2008 Malaysia VMware Communities and User Group portal metrics. Basically the statistics details are based on Google Analytics and Awstats.

Monthly History:

Countries History:
As you can see, United States and Malaysia are the main source for us.

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  • 27421 visits
  • 49287 pageviews
  • 1.80 pages/visit
  • 69.63% bounce rates
  • 79.69% new visits

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  • 46.33% Internet Explorer
  • 44.72% Firefox
  • 03.73% Google Chrome
  • 02.12% Opera

Operating Systems:
Operating Systems
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  • 89.57% Windows
  • 05.74% Linux
  • 04.18% Macintosh

Traffic Sources:
Traffic Sources
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Thanks to Google, and VMware.

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Many thanks to ESX 4 keyword that bring us more traffics.

Top Content:
Top Content
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Search Engine:
Search Engine
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Who else? Thanks to my best friend – Google.

Google PageRank? It was started at PR2 -> jump to PR4 quickly -> drop to PR2 -> back to PR4 and now PR0(today). Crazy? What happen to Google PR? Anyway who care? Contents is the king!

That’s all for the year 2008 metrics. We hope we can do it better next year and enjoy holidays! We’re currently looking for Malaysia VMware blog contributors, please feel free to contact us if you’re interested.